Saturday, December 9, 2006


After 8 classes, I think the best facilitator I had was Nichole. She returned emails promptly, responded to comments and questions left on Discussion Boards, and wasn't condescending when answering a question. Consider yourself lucky if you get her.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Words Don’t Always Have Meaning

I have taken classes with simulation assignments and have enjoyed executing the simulations. In some of the classes, the assignment is as written - - - execute the simulation, provide a screen shot, and receive full credit. However, I found this not to hold true across all classes. Therefore, my advice is to always provide a write-up on the simulation screen shots. By always executing at the higher performance level a student is guaranteed full credit.

I hope this helps you since it is too late for me! - - Dead on Arrival

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Book Review

I worked at a company that disbanded the PMO during a downturn. I read Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO by Kendall / Rollins, and I finally understand why. I truly recommend the book. It’s an eye opener and so true.

Job Versus Grade?

One of the main reasons I opted to take the online route to my master's degree was because my job requires 90% travel, often to places with limited or no internet access. I was assured before registering that one of the hallmarks of this program was the flexibility of both curriculum and instructors. Several courses later, I have learned this is often not the case. While some instructors are OK with posting work on weekends, others insist that work be submitted daily. When it comes down to a choice between a grade and my job, as it often does, I opt for the job - especially since they're paying the tuition...
- Road Warrior

Tuesday, December 5, 2006


I used to pay full price on my books and sell them for 1/3 of my original cost. Thanks to, I no longer do this! You are wonderful

Monday, December 4, 2006

Find a Buddy and Make Sure It’s Not A Dog

Early into the program it’s nice to make online friends. These friends provide a sanity check when the going gets tough. They will not always be in your section but should be willing to talk with you when required. It helped me. - - Buddy System Online

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Properly Reference for Fabian

Let me share one secret to discussion board postings with facilitator Fabian. Fabian requires source references within the text and also at the end of the writing. In order to make sure you understand what this really means, I have provided an example.

Yet Offshore Support cannot just look at the offshore motivators but must also look at the customer’s interest for they too must be fulfilled. By offshoring, the customer expects to cut IT expense and improve company cash flow. The company executives expect the offshore provider to supply quality product and become part of the “family” (“Management Week”, 2005, p. 15). Furthermore, with a successful offshoring, the company executives expect a promotion and / or career path. The reason for this expectation is because most offshoring does not correct projects overruns (Human, 2005, p. 26), and the number of premature cancellations of outsourcing contracts (domestic and offshore) has risen to 51% in 2005 (Hoffman & Thibodeau, 2005, p. 46). An executive that can successfully control costs and create a partnership with the offshore provider has unlimited career potential.

Hoffman & Thibodeau, 2005, p. 46
Human, 2005, p. 26“Management Week”, 2005, p. 15
“Management Week”, 2005, p. 15